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Adventure is where you find it. You could travel half way around the world for excitement or you could stumble across it in your own back yard. You could crouch behind a small bush, barley hidden, not more than one hundred feet from the lions you're photographing. Or you could jimmy your way up a crack on a 700 foot granite face. Either one will get your adrenaline flowing. Adventure can be found by immersing oneself in a distant and primitive culture. Sleeping in hammocks hung from bamboo posts in a nipa hut and cooking breakfast in bamboo baskets. Travel can be relaxing too, you could pamper yourself in a five star resort and just sip mai tais all day long. In short, it can be anything you want it to be.

As a matter of fact, the idea of Travelers Free Classifieds was born out of necessity. With too many interests and too many options, it was getting too expensive buying all the toys required for adventurous travel to afford the trip itself - what are the odds of that? We felt it was necessary to have a place to exchange travel related items no longer in use as well as a place to buy new toys at the lowest possible price. Take a look at what is available right now at Travelers Free Classifieds, you'll probably find just about everything for your upcoming trip. Remember to check back often as the items listed are always changing.

If you find that your garage is so full of travel toys that you can't park your car inside, maybe you should list a few of the toys you haven't used in a while. Travelers Free Classifieds provides a free advertising service as well as fee-based advertising service. Free listings consist of the placement of your private party ad with a single photo for a period of seven days. All parties can place ads with up to eighteen photos for a month at a cost of $9.99 (USD). Your ad will be displayed across the entire country, it's easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Travelers Free Classifieds also accepts paid advertising, i.e. banner ads and participates in an affiliate program. To enquire about these programs please contact us.

image courtesy of Simon Steinberger, see Pixabay

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